Towing Company and Dispatch Software Work Together to Provide the Ultimate Service

Computer technology today has afforded towing companies many advantages in providing instant responses to customers with pricing, ETA’s (estimated time of arrival), record keeping which also lends the tow company an advantage over their competitors still using the hard copy pen & paper method. towing Los Angeles CA

A good dispatch program will have:

1. Mapping system to provide directions, mileage for quoting.
2. Text message direct to drivers – get those calls out right away.
3. GPS monitor system to check driver speeds, idle times, and showing the tow driver’s location.
4. Real time checks for the dispatchers so they know when, where, and how long a tow truck can get to the customer.
5. Integration with an accounting software program.

Add networking and all computers can see at a glance the same information so no confusion as to what driver or what tow truck is out responding to a call. Gone is the day “let me pull your invoice and call you back” when a dispatch software program is in place.

Instant answers to questions such as:

1. How long did the call take start to finish. The customer may want to know specifically what time the driver arrived, how long did it take to hook up, what time did the towed vehicle arrive at its destination.
2. Who called the tow company, how much is the bill, invoice number, Purchase Order number, how paid, and when paid.
3. Provide a printed hard copy of details of the call and invoice to instantly fax or email to the customer.
4. Accrual storage pricing eliminating mathematical errors.
5. Dates of lien sales so a vehicle that reaches its lien sale date can be processed immediately.