Increase Height Surgery – is it Possible?

One way to be taller is by increase height surgery. This is the process that we call Cosmetic Limb Lengthening surgery. It’s a complex procedure which has been used on children to correct the lengths of their legs that are not proportional. This is also one option for people who suffering from dwarfism so they can improve their height. As a matter of fact, many people are questioning if this type of surgery is possible.

The truths behind this are: Limb lengthening surgery or increase height surgery has been carried out effectively for fifty years in Russia. This has been developed by Gavriil Ilizarov after the World War II where a lot of the veteran soldiers were left with leg fractures that did not entirely nurse back to health. Read more about limb lengthening surgery

Ilizarov was able to develop an outside fascination that needs to be placed around the leg of the patient. He knew very well that when a fracture is compressed, the bone will be stimulated to heal, and so he made a frame that had this control. Sadly, the patient who underwent this procedure turned it differently, which resulted to a fractured distraction.

It was an astonishment for Ilizarov to discover that a new bone can be created in the space between the ends of the bones. This forced the need to do more research which led to the discovery of the increase height surgery or limb lengthening surgery which is effective, safe and likely.

Ilizarov and his other colleagues in his field executed a lot of increase height in Russia. It was just that the Russian politics made communication and education with the other countries rather quite hard. In the process, the limb lengthening surgery has been improved and performed the limb lengthening surgery in the early 80s and after such time, a big medical center was then developed in Italy. In the United States in the year 1988, the first ever limb lengthening surgery was done. In the beginning, there were a lot of apprehensions about the procedure but it was still proven to be a very successful procedure.

General Anesthesia is used in performing the increase height surgery. The equipment of external fixation is applied in this method and this takes about forty to fifty minutes. For this amount of time, the patient will be using crutches. For the period of the fifth day of surgery, the elongation process is started using a lot of adjustments of the nuts in the device for the fixation.

After some time, the bone is said to thicken and regenerate and this is the time when the device is removed from the concerned extremity. At the same time, surgical processes on are done successfully and individually within a 3 to 4 month period on the patient’s lower extremities.

The target number for the height increase is 6 to 7 cm which would normally take 10 months for the people undergoing the increase height surgery. The patient can do his normal activities and walk with the use of his crutches while on treatment. 7 to 9 cm is the highest number that is expected in height increase. The age of the patient can be between 16 and 60 years old.

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