How to Find the Best Stretch Mark Cream

There are many creams available in the market. It can be really confusing to find the best stretch mark cream for yourself to treat your skin. However, before you purchase a cream, it is good to know what stretch marks are and why they are formed. They are horizontal scars appearing on skin when the skin is stretched beyond its endurance. The marks typically appear during pregnancy or puberty when massive changes take place in your body in a very short period of time. Below, I have listed a few things that you can check out the find the best stretch mark cream to battle these ugly scars. best bb & cc creams

Herbal creams

Herbal creams are very effective in treating them. One good thing about herbal creams is that it does not contain any harmful, harsh chemicals that may cause skin irritation. Remember, you cannot be too careful to choose a stretch mark cream as you are probably going to apply it on your belly while your baby is nestling inside. Also, if you develop stretch marks on the breasts, it is better to use herbal creams, as these are very sensitive areas of your body.

Creams containing vitamins

In order to find the best stretch mark cream, you can also look for a cream containing vitamins such as vitamin E and vitamin C. These vitamins help skin tissue re-building and are extremely good to get the elasticity back in your skin. Creams based on vitamins are also supposed to have less harmful chemicals and are therefore quite safe to use.

Collagen replacement creams

The break up in collagen or the connective protein of skin tissues is the reason behind the appearance of stretch marks. Therefore, creams, which have collage replacement properties, can help the healing of these scars quickly and effectively. However, make sure that the cream is of a well-known brand before buying it. You can also join an online forum and place questions about the best stretch mark cream with collagen replacement properties. A good pregnancy cream can be expensive, however, if it is truly effective, it will be really worth it.