How a Custom Elevator Could Work for You

Your home is no cookie cutter and neither should your residential elevator. That being said, why haven’t you considered custom building your in-home lift? There are many benefits that go hand in hand with purchasing your own custom elevator. In order to discover if a custom elevator is right for you and your home keep reading to discover the benefits that go hand in hand with custom models.

Proper SizeĀ – While you can find a model that will fit in your home pretty well, it will never fit perfectly. However, with a custom elevator you can achieve that perfect fit. Before your elevator is built precise measurements of your home, specifically the space where you elevator is to be installed, will be measured to ensure the elevator fits perfectly. The reason why this is so important is because you don’t have to worry about retrofitting your own home in order to make room for your new elevator. Elevator

Personal Flair – One of the best parts about purchasing a custom residential elevator is the fact that you can add your personal flair. When you purchase a pre-built elevator adding personal touches can be frustrating, costly and overwhelming. While some elevator manufacturers will tell you customization simply isn’t possible, others will only honor your request after charging you a lofty fee. Say you want hard floors, tile, mirrored walls, or certain artwork built into the cab of your elevator; just say the word and it can be done.

Bragging Rights – In case having your very own residential elevator wasn’t enough to make friends and family members jealous just mention the fact that not only is it a beautiful model, it’s the only one in existence. That’s right, when you order a custom elevator yours is truly the only one of its kind. From the day you and the designers draft up your custom elevator to the day it is installed in your home, you’re elevator is 100 percent unique.