Garage Door Springs – DIY or DIE?

Bang! The dreadful sound that comes from your garage indicating that you now have a broken garage door spring. The first thoughts that come to mind are, “damn it Christmas is around the corner and I cannot afford a two-to-three hundred dollar torsion spring change”. Next your “Bob Villa” technical side thinks “I know, I can fix the springs my self”. Read more about garage door repair Riverton UT

Upon doing a thorough Google search you found many…many opinions on the subject. Some folks claim that you can get killed if you fix your own springs… That the might “explode in your face”, cause permanent blindness and all manners of terrible things can happen. Others are quick to tell you to do it so they can sell you parts and that it is a “no-brainer” to change your garage door springs. The thing is none of them tell you why you should or shouldn’t change your own springs. The truth is there’s no clear-cut answer, after over 12 year’s of changing garage door springs I will give you the information here to decide for your self.

If you are going to change the springs your self you should first ask your self the most basic of questions; am I mechanically inclined, can I use simple hand tools, if I had a resource that showed me how to do it can I follow simple mechanical directions and diagrams, will I follow all safety precautions if they were given to me. So If you answered no to any of these things than get a garage door technician. If the answer is yes then All your problems are solved change the springs. Listen if your one of those guys that has never fixed or repaired anything in their life then probably it’s not a good idea just call a technician local to your area. Don’t do what one of my customers did, he thought because he was a mechanical engineer that he intrinsically knew without any prior garage door repair experience or instructions, how to change springs. The guy had to get his hand stitched up because he used a screw driver instead of a torsion bar to tighten the springs.

The necessary tools and instructions are readily available all over the internet just make sure you are dealing with a reliable source that truly understands garage doors inside-and-out. This source is probably licenced in the industry and connected through out the trade with trade magazines, parts suppliers, other repair companies, manufactures you know, someone like your author. But seriously there are many sites out there that will give you the information, the parts, and explain the process of changing Garage Door Springs

So the moral of the story is get the right instructions for the spring job, follow the safety practices & Use the proper tools or just call some one that does this thing 20 times a week they will be in-and-out in a half an hour while you relax on the sofa!