About Baby Games

A little known niche in the flash gaming world is called baby games! Today we will take some time breaking this niche down into categories and looking at what kind of audience is meant to play them, but first let’s think about what the title baby games implies. They could be games with babies in them, games made for babies to play, games made for babies to watch, or some sort of mixture of the three. Now let’s take a look at who makes up the audience of these games. As it was just stated, these games are sometimes made for babies. Most babies can’t operate a PC, so it’s highly likely that they are made for the little ones to watch. This means the audience can also be expanded to anyone who has a baby and wants to entertain them online. The last part of the audience could be those who simply like these kinds of games! These players could possibly be from any demographic. pgslot

Let’s go ahead with that breakdown, shall we? The first category is called Dress Up Games. These usually follow a theme and put you on a screen with a little baby or a cute animal. Then you’re given options of how you would like to customize several aspects of the scene. These aspects can include the baby’s hair, eye, or skin color, her clothes, her hair style, accessories, and even the background design can be changed. After you have made your desired changes, you have the option to print and/or save your picture. Dress Up Games also allow you to hit a random button to see all kinds of other combinations! The next category is entitled Baby Care Games. Baby Care Games give the player the responsibility of looking after babies of all shapes and sizes. In many of these games, babies simply appear and demand a specific item. The player then must supply that item as quickly as possible. Some of these games are actually fun for adults. I have actually played Baby Care Games that feature baby dinosaurs. These can really be very creative games. I’ve also seen examples where you are asked to complete specific tasks to take care of the baby like straightening the bed, finding missing toy pieces, and making formula.